Just a friendly reminder that the Gofundme page is still running

Dear All 

Just a friendly reminder that the Gofundme page is still running and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Please pass it on to anyone who you think would assist as well. 

 Link to GoFundMe campaign:   


As stated before Hamish has now begun the first steps of taking the consultants for Dundonnell Wind Farm to court on the alleged Misleading and deceptive conduct. Something we all now is certainly not exclusive to Dundonnell. The very same consultants have done work for many a wind farm Australia wide. This is still in the early days and Hamish has now started a GofundMe page and set up the Brolga Preservation Foundation to create a rolling fund to fund court cases against wind farm companies or their consultants. Dundonnell will be the first case.. If Hamish has a win it is a win for all  and then hopefully there will be many more cases to follow.  A win against Dundonnell could open a class action case up against all wind farms the same consultants have worked on in the past 10 or more years.

Hamish Cummings has been working hard for some years trying to expose the truth about wind farms, the approval process and ramifications of ill sited wind farms and has also been a great assistance providing documents and knowledge to so many of us and has willing put the many issues in the media. Its time we got behind Hamish to make this case successful.

His court case against the Minister for Golden Plains is finished, the Judge hands down his decision in about 8 or 10 weeks. The proceedings were paid for by Hamish in this supreme court case and of course we all hope there is a win and they can recover there costs, especially as legal proceedings do come at a substantial cost. 



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