French Devolution: China Embraces Reliable & Affordable Nuclear as France Lets It Slide


Europe’s power market is in a diabolical mess: massive subsidies to intermittent wind and solar have undermined reliable and affordable power supplies, sending Germany and Denmark’s power prices through the roof (see above).

Whereas, France’s heavy reliance on reliable and affordable nuclear means that the French enjoy power prices a mere fraction of those suffered by their wind and solar obsessed neighbours. Indeed, France exports substantial volumes of nuclear generated electricity to the Germans whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

The French have been generating substantial volumes of their electricity using nuclear plants since the 1960s; currently they receive around 75% of their power from nuclear plants. But, the French have prevaricated about the construction of the new plants required to replace the old, and have failed to seize the latest and most efficient nuclear generation technology.

As a result, France’s failure to tap into the next…

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