Hide & Seek: Market Distorting Subsidies Conceal True & Staggering Cost of Renewables


Electricity that can’t be delivered as and when it’s needed has no commercial value; in the absence of massive subsidies, there’d be no market at all for intermittent wind and solar.

As soon as the subsidies to wind and solar get cut, the ‘investment’ in new capacity evaporates, entirely.

But it’s those subsidies that distort the power market, destroying the normal market incentives which would otherwise see investment in reliable and affordable generation capacity.

It’s a point well made by Mike Nasi – an electricity market expert and regulatory attorney – in his testimony to Indiana’s 21st Century Energy Task Force.

The True Cost of Renewables are Hidden Due to a Lack of Market Transparency
Watts Up With That?
Charles Rotter
14 November 2019

Testifying before Indiana’s 21st Century Energy Task Force, electricity markets expert and regulatory attorney, Mike Nasi, warns Indiana policymakers of the significant indirect costs and risks…

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