Green Hypocrisy Writ Large: Wind Industry’s Wholesale Destruction of Entire Forest Habitats


How ‘green’ is this?

Wiping out entire forest habitats is all part of our ‘inevitable’ transition to wind powered future. Across Germany, millions of acres of forest have been clear-felled and great swathes cut through others, to allow some 29,000 of these things to be speared across Deutschland.

The same is happening in the Green Mountain State, Vermont, where pristine hills and mountains are being bulldozed and dynamited in order to ‘save’ the planet.

Where phony eco-warriors jump for joy, real environmentalists are left to weep.

NoTricksZone takes a look at green hypocrisy, writ large.

How Wartenberg, Germany, Ruined Its Natural Landscape To Make Way For “Green” Wind Turbines
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
9 November 2019

Probably the most disturbing aspect of wind energy is its destructive impact the green energy source has on the environment, never mind its sporadic supply, adverse health impacts and high costs.

As Germany…

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