Billion Dollar Boondoggle: Plans to Take Canada’s Wind Power Disaster West to Alberta


Canada’s wind power obsession has seen Ontario’s fertile farmland turned into an industrial wasteland. It’s been a disaster, for all concerned: power prices have rocketed, energy dependent industries are being crushed and Ontario’s farming families have had to deal with toxic groundwater, contaminated by wind turbine construction.

Countless hundreds have abandoned their homes and hundreds more are forced to live with a grinding cacophony of turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Having destroyed one province, the aim is to take the disaster West, to Alberta.

Power Generation Information on Difficulties of Instituting the Proposed Wind-Hydro National Grid Network in “Acting on Climate Change”
Friends of Science Calgary
29 September 2019

Generation Perspective
In “Act on Climate Change” – a McGill Trottier report issued in spring of 2015, there was a proposal for a Canadian national wind-hydro grid and the authors claimed it could be implemented by 2035. Friends…

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