Wind Power Investment Collapses as Germany’s Wind Industry Faces Total Armageddon


Once a world ‘leader’, Germany’s wind industry is on the brink of total collapse; new construction has ceased, and bankrupt turbine makers are sacking thousands of workers.

Limit your worldview to the mainstream press and you’d be forgiven for thinking Germany is well on its way to an all wind and sun powered future, and that its renewable energy sector is a picture of health.

It’s only on sites like this one and NoTricksZone that you’ll see reports about just how dire the situation is for renewable energy rent seekers across Europe and in Germany, in particular.

Over the last month or so, the holier than thou windbags that occupy Australia’s mainstream broadcast and print media have been carrying on about Australian’s “right to know”, in a sanctimonious campaign railing against government and bureaucratic secrecy.

Over the span of 2019 STT has carried dozens of posts about the collapse of…

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