Riot Act: Cops Arrest 160 Outraged Hawaiians Fighting Against Mega-Wind Power Project


No matter where the wind industry plies its subsidy-soaked trade, rural folk soon turn hostile. The German wind industry is at a standstill, not only because subsidies have been wound down, but also as a result of furious rural residents – fed up with being driven nuts in their homes, or being driven out of them, altogether by incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound – blocking projects and taking developers to court.

As we’ve reported recently, Hawaiians are on the war path, too.

The protesters number in their hundreds, and their perfectly understandable fury has been met with heavy-handed policing, with over 160 Hawaiians being cuffed and carted away. Here’s a report from NZ’s Maori News on a battle for Hawaii’s heart and soul.

“Bad night” in Hawaii as arrests rise to 161
Te Ao Maori News
Mare Haimona-Riki
16 November 2019

More than 25 people were arrested in…

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