Cuomo’s Cover-Up: Colossal Cost of New York’s Wind Power Subsidies Finally Revealed


The wind industry is built on lies and runs on subsidies. But, in a rare turn of events, an effort to cover up the cost of those subsidies has come unstuck, in grand style.

Initially, Andrew Cuomo’s cronies put forward a lowball figure for the cost of subsidies to wind power in New York State, which drew attention from the Empire Center’s Ken Girardin.

In a blog post, Girardin sought to get behind those figures (based on rubbery accounting) and calculate precisely what Cuomo’s wind power obsession is likely to cost New Yorkers over the long haul.

Cuomo’s propaganda squad launched a missive against Ken Girardin, claiming that he’d misled his readers.

Turns out that Girardin’s estimates were, if anything, light on; in fact, the ultimate cost of subsidies to wind power in New York State are greater than Girardin’s estimates and magnitudes greater than Cuomo’s understated figures.

State blows…

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