Renewable Wreckage: Texas Town’s Push for 100% Wind & Solar Sends Prices Into Orbit


The wind may be free and the sun, when it’s shining, doesn’t cost a penny. But wind and solar literally cost the earth. Put aside the wholesale slaughter of birds, bugs and bats; the destruction of idyllic landscapes and once bustling communities, with residents driven out of their homes by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Then, there’s the inevitable surge in power prices that follows any pursuit of chaotically delivered wind and solar. It’s a night-follows-day kind of thing. Just ask a South Australian, Dane or German.

And you might also direct your enquiry to the people of Georgetown, Texas, where power prices jumped by a fifth overnight.

A town in Texas went “100% renewables” and prices jumped 20%
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
6 November 2019

Georgetown Texas did the Fake Renewables Show and Dance — the one where they “buy” 100% renewables but are connected 24/7…

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