Landscapes Lost: Endless Sea of Mega-Wind Turbines Destroying Rural Vistas Around The World


Macarthur nightmare: Jan Hetherington and her 140 tormentors.

Treasured rural landscapes are being trashed around the globe with a visual cacophony of 200-270m wind turbines, with their 60m blades slicing and dicing any critter fool enough to fly by, and driving neighbours nuts with their incessant, thumping and grinding low-frequency noise.

All in the name of ‘saving the planet’, mind you.

Across Western Victoria the destructive onslaught has turned bucolic countryside into an industrial wasteland, much to the horror of one of its denizens, Christopher Akehurst.

Gone with the Wind
Quadrant Online
Christopher Akehurst
31 October 2019

Out on the plains the brolgas are dancing,” wrote the lyricist John Wheeler in the 1950s in one of his somewhat self-consciously Aussiefied “Australian Carols”. Well, it rather depends which plains you are on. There are no brolgas, dancing or otherwise, on the wide volcanic plain of Moorabool Shire, west of Melbourne. Instead…

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