Scam Alert: Claims Offshore Wind Will Soon Power The World Are Pure Bunkum


Built on lies and fuelled by subsidies, the wind industry is the biggest government mandated scam in history.

Around the world, governments have thrown trillions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies at wind power; set mandates and punitive targets and helped developers ride roughshod over rural communities. Out at sea, trawlermen are left furious as they watch their once lucrative fishing patches get turned into industrial wastelands, and their livelihoods wrecked, forever.

Now, the wind industry and its propaganda outfits are making even wilder claims about how offshore wind will soon deliver the bulk of the planet’s power needs.

Always ready to debunk that sort of nonsense, Paul Driessen takes an axe to the wind industry’s latest bunkum about powering the world with breezes.

The Giga And Terra Scam Of Offshore Wind Energy
Watts Up With That?
Paul Driessen
4 November 2019

Can anti-fossil fuel policies based on climate crisis alarmism…

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