Renewable Energy Regrets: Intermittent Wind & Solar Delivers Grid Chaos for Californians


The only thing that’s inevitable about the so-called ‘transition’ to wind and solar is rocketing prices and grid chaos.

The inability to deliver electricity as and when it’s needed, mean wind and solar have no commercial value – apart from the massive subsidies they attract.

Being commercially worthless is one thing, but dumping volumes of wind and solar into the grid one-minute, and watching their output completely collapse the next, comes with a staggering hidden cost.

To that end, Donn Dears unpacks the story behind California’s duck curve.

The Incredible, Amazing Duck
Power for USA
Donn Dears
29 October 2019

The Duck Curve was born in California, when the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) needed to explain how the addition of renewables affected the grid.

Duck Curve developed by CAISO

A quick explanation of the anatomy of the Duck Curve:

  • The topmost line is the hour by hour electric load…

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