Research Breakthrough: Why Pulsing, Thumping Wind Turbine Noise Is So Annoying


Steven Cooper explains wind turbine noise to Senate Committee.

Explaining wind turbine noise to someone who’s never lived through it, is like explaining a migraine to someone who’s never had a headache.

Measuring, quantifying and objectively describing it is no picnic, either.

While the wind industry’s pet acoustic consultants stick to irrelevant measures such as the dB(A) weighting (that removes and therefore fails to account for the pulsing, thumping low-frequency component of wind turbine noise), a handful of acoustic experts blessed with a little integrity have endeavoured to understand why wind turbine noise is so punishingly annoying to those forced to live with it.

One of them is Australia’s Steven Cooper.

For almost a decade now, Cooper has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to develop the techniques necessary to paint an acoustic picture of the noise environment created by industrial wind turbines.

Sherri Lange recently interviewed Cooper, who gave a detailed…

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