Power Politics: Wind & Solar Obsession Renders Australia’s Labor Party Unelectable


Renewables obsessed lunatic can’t work out why Labor got thumped.

Bill Shorten took his Labor party to the Federal election in May with a belief that voters uniformly shared his love of rocketing power prices and blackouts.

Promising a Nationwide 50% Renewable Energy Target and a massive tax on carbon dioxide gas emissions, Shorten & Co were gobsmacked when the electorate rejected their vision of an all wind and sun powered future (the 50% RET and 45% emissions reduction target were just the start).

At the time of their embarrassing defeat, Labor apparatchiks and their gullible media acolytes had a hard time reckoning with the wholesale rejection of a policy designed to carpet Australia in windmills and solar panels. They still are.

Six months after losing the unlosable election, Labor’s brains trust are still scratching their heads in disbelief.

Emphasising just how witless these characters are, their energy policy review…

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