Suicide Watch: Insane Wind & Solar Obsession Helping Wreck Australia’s Economy


The industrial revolution was all about harnessing cheap and reliable energy. Australia’s de-industrialisation has reversed that process. An obsession with chaotically intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar has sent Australian power prices through the roof.

Energy hungry businesses such as mining, mineral processing and manufacturing are watching their profit margins evaporate. Pretty soon those industries and the thousands of jobs they support will disappear, too.

The whole debacle started when a bunch of American rent-seeking carpetbaggers turned up in South Australia back in 2002 hoping to cash in on Australia’s brand-new Renewable Energy Target: How a Band of Criminals, Shysters & Chancers Conjured Up the Wind Industry in Australia

The premise, of course, was the story that the world would incinerate before our very eyes, if we didn’t carpet the entire country with windmills and solar panels.

The weather hasn’t changed much over the last 20 years, but over…

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