Energy Essentials: Clean, Safe & Ever Reliable Nuclear Is The Obvious Choice


The well-worn meme about the dangers of nuclear power doesn’t stand first contact with reality.

As Katie Tub details below, nuclear power not only delivers a reliable and affordable stream of electrons, it does so in a manner that’s a whole lot safer than anything else humans engage in.

Katie tallies up the tiny number of casualties caused by the nuclear power generation industry – which has been operating in a major way since the 1960s, and has generated vast volumes of power since then. The French, for example, get 85% of their power from nuclear plants and haven’t suffered so much as a scratch since they started in 1962.

To contrast, Katie might have pointed to the fact that the wind industry (which really only got off the ground in the late 1990s and still generates a trifling amount of electricityhas clocked up around 190 fatalities

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