Joe Cobb ISABELLA WIND just about nothing you wrote here is true

  • Joe Cobb
     ISABELLA WIND just about nothing you wrote here is true ana no I have not seen one of your leases specifically and you are more than welcome to post a full unedited copy on here for all to see and we will see the truth then huh. As for your stray voltage comment that is a bunch of bunk for there is nothing that is impossible ask any engineer. As for infrasound not harming any one that is straight up a lie and you know it. A drop of water won’t hurt you but enough of it and you can drown and if exposed to infrasound at the right frequency and long enough it will devastate you life. If you don’t believe me buy my home and move in it and stay there for three years and then we will talk.
    As for the price for electricity it has absolutely went way up due to the turbines because you are making money subsidized by us because the turbines cannot support themselves and that is a fact.
    So until you can make turbines efficient enough to actually produce enough energy to support themselves and until you can make them safe enough to be in proximity of people and animals you just need to shut you mouth and quit being a bully on our payroll because you are a parasite and you can’t even support yourself.5Hide or report this
    • Mike Jankowski Ask them to come to your home, with an independent acoustician and prove it. Post links too. I suspect a recent grad is manning the page. I could not find the specific discussion on their site.1Hide or report this
    • Joe Cobb Mike Jankowski this is Joe when I read this on my lunch I lost my mind.1Hide or report this
    Write a reply…
  • Joe Zanghi I believe Joe Cobb. Why? Because people don’t just abandon their homes for no reason or claim they are living in Hell when they are not. How about the fact the monstrous turbines are an absolute eyesore that is ruining our rural landscape, a landscape we love. Try to explain that away.5Hide or report this
  • Joe Zanghi Message to Isabella Wind and all wind companies. WE DO NOT WANT YOU OR YOUR TURBINES. GET OUT OF OUR LIVES AND STAY OUT.3Hide or report this
  • LouAnn Mogg Isabella Wind is the name of the project here in my area. Want the truth? Here it is. This is an Apex Clean Energy project. Their salesmen were in our county harvesting our county officials long before anyone knew what was happening. Then they harvested the township officials. They saw to it that a steering committee was formed to “represent” the interests of the landowners. The steering committee consists of a township supervisor, a school board treasurer/farmer and several other farmers. All have wind leases except one. These committee members claim that they wrote the wind lease. However, the lease is the same type of lease used by all these wind companies..the steering committee simply tweaked a few things in it..and we have it from a good source that the wind developer paid the attorney that helped the steering committee tweak the lease..if the attorney sends his bills to the wind company then he is working for the wind company, not the steering committee. There were originally 5 county zoned townships and 1 self zoned township in the project footprint. When the people petitioned and got planning commission proposals on the ballot in the 5 townships…Apex called in everyone they could get to fight township planning…they brought in The Christian Coalition…The Consumer Energy Alliance …which is a front group, union workers, turbine technicians etc to convince people to vote down township planning. They ran a campaign and spent a fortune on signs and mailers and based the entire campaign on the threat of higher taxes if township planning is approved. We lost the vote in all 5 townships. The self zoned township was petitioned for referendum and the people voted down the wind ordinance…when the officials there started writing new regulation, Apex and their attorney tried influencing the fact several illegal moves were made to try and get an ordinance approved without allowing the people to exercise their right to petition. As we speak, the new ordinance amendment is being voted on again. They attempted to sway our village council to use spot zoning..which is illegal, to allow them to build their operations and maintenance building. They used to pretend to be nice however, they took the gloves off months ago and have on several occasions gotten personal with their methods. Their lease signers are puppets….Apex would put out mass text messages to them telling them they were needed at important meetings..these texts were even sent to officials. Currently they are beginning to construct the wind farm…access roads are being built..the state police have already been called out to one site because the contractors are using non-leased property to park their equipment and trucks…apparently they think they can do whatever they want. The entire way this project has been handled is dirty and dishonest. the greed is rampant with lease signers and the wind salesmen are sneaky, smooth talkers. the majority do not want turbines here but the county and township officials are bought and paid for.4Hide or report this
  • Roger Lynn And furthermore KEEP YOUR ASS OUT OF MISSOURI!!!!4Hide or report this
  • Roger Lynn We dont want your junk it will never pay for itself and our government has enough leaches sucking the life out of it. Even if they actually made money we dont want those UGLY PIECES OF SHIT IN OUR STATE or even country.4Hide or report this
  • Peggy Stefandel Wind weasels are the same everywhere!! Henry County Indiana is no exception 😡2Hide or report this
  • Joe Cobb This is what was written to them : Why do wind companies constanty lie about how wonderful they are? Cheaper electric and so great when in fact your contracts state the damages and issues they cause and YOU FAIL to tell the truth about the health issues to humans and our animals. They destroy our animals/livestock’s health to the point of death. All the wind companies know about the INFRASOUND and stray voltage your wind turbines produce but don’t give a damn about the harm. Our electric bill has doubled due to a wind farm built near our home. Time for the truth and stop the lies!2Hide or report this
  • Douglas Hanes “driving in your car down the road”. Who or what drives down a busy road 24/7/365?1Hide or report this

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