Wicked Waste: Voter Fury At The Staggering & Mounting Cost of Australia’s Wind & Solar Subsidies


Morrison: first came the promise, then came the betrayal.

By throwing another lazy $billion dollars at intermittent wind and solar, PM Scott Morrison has not only lost the constituency that voted for him, he’s lost the plot.

20 years ago, Australians enjoyed the cheapest power in the world; now they the prices they suffer are up there with the world’s most expensive. All thanks to a ludicrous obsession with heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar. South Australia, its wind and solar capital, suffers the world’s highest power prices, bar none.

Like a never-ending train wreck, Australia’s energy crisis is a series of predictable disasters, inevitable disappointments and dashed hopes.

The quiet Australians who voted for the Liberal/National Coalition back in May held (not unreasonable) hopes that, having ditched renewables obsessed PM, Malcolm Turnbull, a Morrison led government would not only arrest Australia’s power pricing and supply debacle…

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