Numerical Nonsense: Why Claims Wind & Solar Can Power the Planet Just Don’t Add Up


That troubled teenage, Greta the Fretter has reignited the nonsense that we’re a heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future. The girl that that can see carbon dioxide gas, heads up a mathematically challenged group, who pronounce the time and date when the world will happily operate without generating any CO2 at all, with the profound certainty of the shaman and soothsayers, of old.

Renewable energy rent seekers actively encourage the farcical notion that wind and solar will deliver the results sought by Greta & Co, namely a world that runs entirely on sunshine and breezes, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions, into the bargain.

Keen to rain on their parade, Tony Thomas crunches the numbers below.

Maths is Hard for the Green-Minded
Quadrant Online
Tony Thomas
15 October 2019

Politicians and climate alarmists are running what amounts to a promises auction about getting the world to zero net…

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