Permanent Part-Time Power: Wind Power Rush Leaves Texans Scrambling for Reliable Electricity


Being a weather-dependent enterprise, no one thinks of promising their kids a kite flying holiday, ahead of time. So just how modern, Western economies ever thought they’d power themselves with occasional breezes is a mystery.

The inherent and chaotic intermittency that’s part and parcel of wind power is only compensated by the ability of dispatchable power sources to plug the yawning, routine daily gaps in wind power output. Those sources are, in order of priority coal, gas and nuclear and (where available) hydro.

The amount of power stored and re-delivered by grid-scale batteries is so risible it barely rates a mention.

In truth, the real heavy lifting is done by [insert trigger warning] fossil fuels, being inefficiently utilised in power plants, often given the misleading tag of “backup” power. Misleading because, before heavily subsidised wind and solar came on the scene, they did just fine, all by themselves, delivering power…

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