Battle for Barossa Won: Keyneton Locals Kill-Off Monster Wind Farm & Save Premier Wine Growing District


There’s nothing like winning and there’s nothing like winning against the subsidy-soaked wind industry. Across the globe, thousands of communities are united in their opposition to the threat of giant industrial wind turbines being speared into their backyards.

The backlash against the wind industry in German rural communities has brought construction of new wind farms across Deutschland to a standstill. No doubt that victory being a product of German resolve and tenacity, attributes which may well have played a part in the battle to save the Keyneton community, nestled in the bucolic Mount Lofty Ranges.

Forming part of the world-renowned Barossa wine growing district, Keyneton is home to the Henschke family, the producers of the superb ‘Hill of Grace’, a thumping Shiraz first produced in 1958 and which has been winning awards, ever since.

The Henschke story all started with Johann Christian Henschke, (born 24 December 1803), who emigrated…

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