Ripping Yarns: Wind & Sun Can’t Power the World: Never Have & Never Will


You know we’ve reached peak stupid when adults line up to be lectured by troubled teenage girls on energy and world economics. Greta the Fretter and the lunatics gluing themselves to roads under the banner of the Extinction Rebellion have made the work of the sane and rational so much easier. For a decade or so, the great mass in the middle have mouthed platitudes about doing more for the planet and supporting renewable energy.

The profiteers and rent seekers who’ve done so very nicely over that time, soaking in subsidies, lapping up soft loans and benefiting from tax credits, RETs and the like, pushed and prodded politicians to the extent necessary to establish the greatest financial rort of all time; and the general populace went along with it.

Clever marketing and guilt laden propaganda helped pushed the right emotional buttons and left rent seekers thinking that their world would…

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