High Energy Fusion: New Age Nuclear Promises Real Clean Energy Future


The chaotic intermittency of daylight-dependent solar and weather-dependent wind mean neither amount to meaningful power sources; not now, not ever.

Electricity that can’t be delivered as and when it’s needed has no natural commercial value; the only reason we’re talking about this pathetic pair at all, is the subsidies that brought them into existence.

Once wind and/or solar constitute any significant part of the energy ‘mix’, their principal contributions are headaches for grid managers trying to maintain system reliability and grid stability.

The same can’t be said for nuclear power; safe, reliable and affordable, nuclear power plants generating CO2 emissions free electricity ought to be top of the ‘save the planet’ wish list for Greta the Fretter & Co.

The fact that XR climate anarchists and Greta & Co aren’t demanding nuclear power now, speaks volumes about their objects and motives.

Faced with the obvious fact that wind and solar…

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