Power Supply Crunch: Mass Blackouts Guaranteed When Demand Spikes Coincide With Wind & Solar Collapses


Wind ‘powered’ South Australians marshall their reserve power sources.

Pin your power needs to the weather and expect results to vary. Last summer saw mass load shedding and blackouts across Victoria, South Australia and NSW when spikes in demand combined with collapses in wind and solar output. Demand patterns are as predictable as the delivery in wind and solar are chaotic.

That chaos is starting to focus the minds of those who pretend to have the management of Australia’s Eastern Grid all in hand.

But this is October, when the days and nights range between mild and warm and power demand is relatively moderate.

Cue the first hot spell in December and power demand spikes as ACs get cranked into action to cool homes and businesses and refrigerated systems have to work harder to keep things cool. As is often the case, those demand spikes coincide with total collapses in…

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