Monumental Fail: Why Intermittent & Unreliable Wind & Solar Can Never Work


No industrial economy ever powered itself on wind and solar; no such country ever will.

Sunset and calm weather are very real things; whereas grid-scale storage electricity is a myth.

As subsidies for wind and solar are drying up, rent-seekers hoping to cash in are running a mile. There has been an almost total collapse in new wind farm construction across Europe, with a total collapse in Germany this year. Investment in new wind and large-scale solar has fallen off a cliff in Australia. Proving, once again, that the so-called wind and solar ‘industries’ will disappear as soon as the subsidies are cut. There is, after all, no natural market for electricity that cannot be delivered as and when power consumers need it.

Despite sounding utterly wizard – as Ronald Stein explains below – wind and solar are simply dismal failures.

Renewables May Make Us Feel Good, But Realistically They…

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