Bound to Gag: Sierra Club Buries Evidence of Health Effects Caused by Wind Turbine Noise


The wind cult is a broad church, attracting all manner of unhinged zealots, including acolytes of so-called ‘green’ groups like the Sierra Club.

Pretending to care about the environment, while pocketing millions in ‘donations’ from renewable energy rent seekers, hypocrisy is their stock in trade.

Peddling the mantra that the only manner of preventing imminent global incineration is carpeting the planet in windmills and solar panels (always in your backyard, never theirs, mind you), these characters are always on the lookout for narrative violations.

Which is where Dr Donald Allen Deever came unstuck.

Giant industrial wind turbines deliver a cacophony of thumping, grinding low-frequency noise for those forced to live with it. Anyone claiming that it’s not a miserable daily torment, hasn’t lived with it, or they’re on the wind industry payroll.

Dr Deever was invited by the Sierra Club to produce a series of learned articles on the…

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