New Inquisition: Renewable Energy Zealots Can’t Face Facts Like Sunset & Calm Weather


You know it’s a cult when …..

The Spanish Inquisition literally roasted heretics alive, these days it’s anyone who dares question the mantra that wind and solar power are our only salvation from imminent climate doom.

No country has ever powered itself on sunshine and breezes; no country ever will. The simple daily occurrence of sunset and calm weather provides the logical retort to those who suggest otherwise. Batteries are mythical pipe dream and pumped hydro a costly wet dream.

While Australia continues to merrily chug away on coal-fired electricity, those that inhabit the rarefied realm of Australia’s National Broadcaster, the ABC happily ignore the rocketing power prices and mass load shedding and blackouts that are the inevitable consequence of pinning your power hopes on the weather.

As the renewable energy rent seeker’s well-paid front man, Kane Thornton has been spouting nonsense about our ‘inevitable transition’ to an all…

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