Medical Malpractice: Unmasking Doctors Who Hate Wind Industry Noise Victims


It’s no mystery to those forced to live next to wind turbines that the incessant low-frequency noise they generate is seriously harmful to health.

When humans set out to torture each other, sleep deprivation is usually top of the list. The wind industry has been doing just that, with impunity, for the best part of 20 years.

To that end, the wind industry has been ably aided and abetted by their pet acoustic consultants – a group of ethically bereft mercenaries, who willingly doctor up fake noise reports on demand; reports which always claim their client’s wind farm complies with the toughest noise standards in the world.

In addition, the wind industry enlisted the support of a group of pseudo-scientists (almost always sociologists with bogus claims to medical qualifications) who invented the notion that the suffering experienced by wind farm neighbours is all the product of their febrile, ‘climate…

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