Victorian Vortex: Wind & Solar Obsession Guarantees Mass Summer Blackouts & Power Prices Soar (Again)


Pledging to destroy Victoria with their unhinged RE obsession.

Following South Australia’s lead on wind and solar was never going to end well. The State that set and met its very own 50% RET is renowned for mass load shedding and Australia’s only statewide blackout. SA also suffers the world’s highest power prices.

So, it should come as no surprise to Victorians that when Premier, Daniel Andrews and his witless sidekick, Lily D’Ambrosio decided to follow suit in earnest, that their power prices should rocket too.

South Australia’s RE obsessed Labor government danced with glee when it blew up its last reliable coal-fired power plants a couple of years back; Victoria’s Labor government is itching to do the same to its remaining coal-fired plants in the Latrobe Valley.

Federal Liberal MP, Craig Kelly is one of a handful politicians with his head screwed on. Craig has been dishing up hard…

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