Industrial Revolution: Union Chief Demands Reliable & Affordable Nuclear Power to Save Industries & Members’ Jobs


Out to salvage members’ jobs, Union power excites nuclear reaction.

Labor – aka the ‘Workers Party’ – remains determined to destroy whole industries and thousands of jobs with a 50% RET and a giant ‘carbon’ tax. Business and job destroying policies that helped it comfortably lose the ‘unloseable’ Federal election in May, and which its deluded front bench simply can’t bear to let go.

Australian industry has been a protected species since the Victorian gold rush in the 1850s, cosseted behind an insurmountable wall of tariffs and propped up with subsidies. As the tariffs and subsidies to industries – such as motor manufacturing, clothing and footwear – were slashed in the 1990s, hundreds of businesses and entire industries have disappeared.

Nowadays, mining, manufacturing and mineral processing is being treated by politicians as a class of mangy vermin – fit only for urgent eradication – with a raft of utterly insane…

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