Building Baseload: Keeping Australia’s Lights On Means More Coal-Fired Power – Now!


Preventing power price hikes and keeping the lights on by adding more intermittent wind and solar is like putting out fire with gasoline.

These days, only the most delusional RE zealot still claims that spiralling power prices aren’t caused by chaotically intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar.

The mantra has shifted to one which suggests that rocketing power prices will help conserve the planet. Apparently, depriving the elderly and the poor of electricity represents societal progress. As does keeping hundreds of millions in the Third World in Stone Age poverty by denying them reliable and affordable energy supplies.

Australia’s energy crisis was as predictable as it is perfectly avoidable.

Setting a ludicrous 45,000 GWh Federal Renewable Energy Target, that penalises reliable generators and rewards unreliable wind and solar was just the beginning.

Virtue signalling States run by Labor governments, first South Australia, followed by Victoria have set their…

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