Battle Lost: Mob Turns Against Chaotically Intermittent & Heavily Subsidised Wind & Solar


‘Green’ dreams completely gutted.

Seems like only yesterday when you were hard pressed to find anything in print criticising wind and solar, save for sites like this one. Nowadays, there’s a veritable smorgasbord. Quite a few mainstream journalists are waking up to the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. STT has been joined by dozens of other blogs around the globe, all making concerted efforts to destroy the subsidy-soaked wind and solar scam. Even hard-core green loons like Dr Bob Brown (former head of the Australian Greens) have turned on wind power, with a vengeance.

Michael Shellenberger, whose erudite work has graced these pages many times, had his road-to-Damascus-moment some years ago. Michael, once rated as America’s top green, initially went along with the ‘wind and solar will save us’ meme. But, having applied a little logic and common sense, came to the inevitable conclusion that wind…

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