Short Circuit: Victoria’s Renewable Energy Calamity Guarantees Blackouts & Rocketing Prices


South Australia’s wind and solar experiment provides the perfect example of how to wreck a power system and an economy with one blow. Not to be outdone, neighbouring Victoria drank the Kool Aid, too – pushing its very own 50% Renewable Energy Target, with a headlong rush into wind and large-scale solar.

The lunatics that run its energy policy – Premier Daniel Andrews and his hapless sidekick, Lily D’Ambrosio – seem to think that the laws of economics, meteorology and physics have been suspended in the Garden State.

Lily was the upbeat lass who, during a heatwave in February this year, declared that “blackouts are something that will absolutely not be a feature of today, or a possibility”.  Well, wind and solar output duly collapsed and hundreds of thousands of Victorians were plunged into sweltering darkness: Blackout Fallout: Wind Power Debacle Leaves Thousands of Powerless Victorians Furious

This summer it’ll be…

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