It’s a Gas: New Gas Power Plant Design Eliminates Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions


Fretting about carbon dioxide gas is not just a way of life, it’s a religion, with wind turbines the proxy for crucifixes and eternal salvation.

STT largely leaves the debate about whether or not CO2 is killing the planet to other specialist sites. So, if you’re looking for a stoush, why not head over to JoNova or What’s Up With That?

Where STT does engage is in the energy domain, appreciating that – for as long as carbon dioxide gas is considered a ‘pollutant’ by those who pretend to govern us – meaningful power generation sources will remain under attack.

That proposition is one reason why STT promotes nuclear power generation, being the only stand-alone generation source that does not emit carbon dioxide gas during that process, and delivers power 24/7, whatever the weather.

Those hoping to keep coal and gas-fired plants in the game, despite CO2-phobia, have…

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