Summertime Blues: Renewable Energy Chaos Guarantees More Dark & Sweaty Nights Ahead


Plug your energy hopes into the weather and expect mixed results. No country has ever powered itself using wind power; no country ever will. Australia’s attempt to do so has ended in a fiasco. The leader of the pack, South Australia – a state which set and met its very own 50% RET – suffers the world’s highest power prices and an infamous reputation as the only Australian state to suffer a Statewide blackout, when wind turbines were deliberately shut down during a blustery spring storm.

SA has also suffered numerous mass load shedding events, the result of unpredictable wind power output collapses.

SA’s neighbouring state, Victoria is well on its way to the Dark Ages too, with a headlong rush to meet its own 50% RET.

Last summer, both South Australia and Victoria suffered mass blackouts, as temperatures soared, along with power demand to keep air conditioners…

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