The materials against wind are piling up exponentially, it seems

Colleagues, friends,

The materials against wind are piling up exponentially, it seems.

Click to access Green-Killing-Machines-1.pdf

44 page report damning wind and solar: really, a must read

You have to appreciate the subtlety of Bennie Peiser and team at GWPF: indicating that they are not “opposed” to wind and solar, but how many times are words like damning, disastrous, used in this report. Kinda “if they work,” and don’t do harm, we are OK with it. But then, read this damning report. The conclusion is palpable.

1 Introduction Worries about global warming have led to a plethora of policy initiatives, but above all to demands that energy production shift from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy sources, and in particular to renewables. However, progress has been slow. The reasons are numerous, and include nimbyism, planning difficulties, problems with integration into distribution grids, and the very high price of energy from most renewable sources. The percentage of world energy that is delivered by renewables therefore remains very low: windfarms, for example, do not even register 1% of energy output.1 However, world energy demand is expected to grow by between 10 and 34% in the period to 2060.2 Electricity needs are expected to grow even faster, with urbanisation and technological advances leading to a doubling of demand over the same period. This being the case, governments are set on a considerable expansion of renewable capacity.. Renewables have a carefully nurtured ‘green’ image, yet few people can be unaware that they actually have a significant environmental impact. This report sets out to examine that impact, in particular in the UK, both now and at the end of several more decades of expansion. It then goes on to examine the response of those green groups whose raison d’être is supposed to be the protection of the environment.

It’s hard to gainsay that, and it is fair enough to give wind power a critical assessment, as in the first report, even though views from supporters would have been good. But there is an escalating tone of hostility. The GWPF’s press release for the wind report talks of “the appalling environmental cost of wind energy”, while the wider report’s summary says, sweepingly, “far from making the world a better place, renewable energy will destroy all we hold dear”.

The Appalling Environmental Cost Of Wind Energy | The Global Warming …

Never mind the slightly apologist tone of this piece: it still carries some heft, and new points.

Sherri Lange
CEO, NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power
Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth

VP Canada, Save the Eagles International

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