Endangered eagles die at windfarm sites

Image removed by sender. Wedge-tailed eagle

Photo: Wedge-tailed eagles have died at three Tasmanian windfarm sites. (Flickr: Jim Bendon)

Six eagles have been killed at Tasmanian wind farms since January 2018, according to documents obtained by the ABC.

A right-to-information request revealed five wedge-tailed eagles and one white-bellied sea eagle were killed at three windfarm sites.

Three wedge-tailed eagles died at Musselroe wind farm, one at Studland Bay, while the sea eagle and one wedge-tailed eagle were killed at Bluff Point at Woolnorth.

Two of the eagles had to be euthanised while the rest died on impact.

The Tasmanian wedge tailed-eagle is listed as endangered.

Two new windfarms, one at Cattle Hill in the Central Highlands and one at Granville Harbour on the west coast, are in the process of coming online with several others around the state in the planning stages.

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