Rigged & Rotten: How Power Market Rules Were Bent to Benefit Intermittent Wind & Solar


Electricity that is not available as and when consumers need it has no natural commercial value.

An ICU patient on life support isn’t interested in whether the weather is going to keep her alive. For that reason, chaotically delivered wind and solar just don’t add up. The only thing that adds up are massive (and seemingly endless) subsidies; whether they be in the form of Production Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Certificates, soft loans, minimum prices guaranteed by government contracts or straight out cash grants.

Remove the subsidies and the wind and solar industries will disappear in a heartbeat.

How those subsidies affect (read ‘distort’ and ‘pervert’) the electricity market is the subject of Donn Dears analysis below.

Fixing the Rigged Market for Electricity
Power for USA
Don Dears
30 July 2019

The simplest and best way to fix the rigged market for electricity is to return to the regulated market…

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