Calling all fools

Why not wind power

I always hear the ads trying to sell to complete losers who have no idea what a contemptuous, vile place Wyoming really is inviting them to buy “real ranch land”.  Yep, bordered by a vile, greedy, rich rancher that will dwarf your land with wind turbines to up his income by six or seven digits.  Now, I will be honest—this is what the West was and is.  Hateful, spiteful rich who ran ripshod over those who provided the labor that enabled them to live on their giant ranches and live in luxury.  The West was and is ruled by hatred and contempt for the little people.  Wind invasion is a natural consequence of this.  The rich and powerful destroying the environment, running over anyone who gets in their way.  That, perhaps, is the reason why I laugh when I hear some moron say he’s “running off and buying that ranch…

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