Mass Politicians Misleading Ratepayers On Ocean Wind Turbines

Falmouth & State officials after 10 years deliberately underestimate true costs of wind energy. No project ever reduced electric rates.

By Frank Haggerty, Patch Contributor
Aug 24, 2019 12:50 pm ET

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Falmouth Massachusetts Worst Sited Wind Turbines USA
Falmouth Massachusetts Worst Sited Wind Turbines USA (Image Credit Frank Haggerty)

On January 15, 2019, the Falmouth Select Board requested the town attorney to prepare a Request For Proposal to move both Falmouth town-owned wind turbines out of town.

Seven months later NO wind turbine RFP

The two town owned wind turbines are the worst sited in the United States of America

The turbines have been shut down by the courts since June of 2017.

State officials after 10 years deliberately underestimate true costs of wind energy. There has never been a project that reduced electric rates.Subscribe

In 2012 former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a wind turbine advocate proposed the country’s first regional bidding process for wind turbine installations, called the Regional Request for Proposals. The program was intended to make wind power cheap and a model for the rest of the country. The program was just a cruel joke on electric ratepayers.

Massachusetts had a plan to develop 2000 megawatts of commercial megawatt land-based wind power by the year 2020. In order to achieve this goal state and local politicians hid documents from the two town-owned Falmouth wind turbines. The documents included maps, memos, emails, a study and a warning from the wind turbine company the turbines were too loud. The politicians lied by omission and continue down the same path with the ocean wind turbines.

The Massachusetts legislature allowed the 115 million bonding of the supposed ocean wind turbine port in New Bedford. The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal is costing taxpayers $187,500.00 a month in bond payments for 30 years and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center lost another 20 million in taxpayer funds in a dredging lawsuit. The New Bedford ocean port hurricane gates won’t accommodate a wind turbine jack-up barge and the port has no rail link another taxpayer paid for the fiasco.

Massachusetts Senate in the past has approved a “revenue-neutral” carbon tax that would increase to the amount of money taken from citizens one way or another.

Taxachusetts is a term used to describe Massachusetts. Although not the highest taxing state for income taxes, certainly one of the leading states in taxing everything within the boundaries of the state. Massachusets is a miserable place full of liberals the closer you get to the coast. Problem is, people in Massachusetts don’t even realize it. You have to leave the state to have full comprehension of the tax problems.

Massachusetts politicians are always talking about climate change, Global warming, and ocean water rise but Barack and Michelle Obama are buying a massive Martha’s Vineyard oceanfront home?
The Massachusetts courts shut down the nuisance Falmouth wind turbines in June of 2017. The land-based wind turbine project in Massachusetts is a health and financial fiasco costing tens of millions of dollars. The land-based wind turbines only made money for the wind turbine companies and lawyers involved in lawsuits in as many as twenty-one communities. The citizens of Massachusetts lost their health and property rights and electric bills continue to increase.

No electric ratepayers saved money and rates continue to rise there are no savings.

Massachusetts electric rates up almost 14 percent in one year. Between June of 2017 and June of 2018 electric rates rose from 18.56 cents per kWh to 21.11 cents per kWh. The news media and politicians have gone out of their way to hide any bad news about your electric bill becoming the same amount as a second mortgage.

The corrupt media with a political agenda reports the Massachusetts state’s Department of Energy Resources to the Department of Public Utilities suggests the Vineyard wind project, on average, that these contracts “are expected to reduce customer’s monthly bills, all else being equal, approximately 0.1% to 1.5%.” This after ten years of lies over land-based wind turbine installations.

The same corrupt media lacking journalist ethics reported in December of 2012 Deepwater Wind a Rhode Island ocean wind project said electricity rates on Block Island, Rhode Island would drop by 40 percent if the wind farm is constructed near the island. The rates never dropped a dime.

Any citizen voter only needs to look a couple of hundred miles to Ontario, Canada, and their outrageous electric bills. Ontarians pay steeper rates for their power than any other province, and a decade’s worth of policy choices installing wind turbine projects have made it that way.

The short answer is that a series of bad policy decisions including commercial wind turbines and most significantly like recently in Massachusetts signing fixed 20-year deals with private companies to produce ocean wind power electricity.

Pricey wind turbine green energy contracts and renewable energy taxes have been blamed for the Canadian government for offering very generous green deals since 2009. Government officials have admitted far too late they made mistakes but most of those elected officials have retired or gone on to work for the wind industry.

The future of the Massachusetts electric ratepayer does not look promising. Generally,in the past things like electric bills aren’t reported to credit bureaus. If one of those bills is overdue, it might end up hurting your credit, if the company you owe sends the bill to a debt collector.

Today electric bills are not considered monthly liabilities when applying for a mortgage. But if electric bills continue to rise 12 to 15 percent every year at some point your electric bill will become as high as a second mortgage and the banks will have to include the bill as a liability and your local electric company backed by your elected officials could become the new owners of your homes.

It’s called Socialism

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