‘Green’ Hypocrites Want Industrial Wind Turbines in YOUR Backyard, But Never in Theirs


The green is always ready to spear hundreds of giant 240m (787ft) industrial wind turbines – into your backyard, but goes nuts if the ‘favour’ might be returned. Destroying your patch of paradise is a sacrifice that he is always willing to make.

When former Greens leader, Dr Bob Brown started railing about the prospect of a few of these things being planted in the North-West of his home State, Tasmania, the cry of ‘monstrous hypocrite’ could be heard far and wide. But in the green hypocrisy Olympics, Dr Bob is far from alone.

There’s an almost uncanny relationship between the location of the loudest proponents of these things and the likelihood that they will ever be forced to suffer life in their flickering shadows.

But it’s not simply ignorance of the plight of those rural residents driven mad in their homes or driven out of them by the practically…

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