‘Green’ Magic: Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ The Greatest Con Job in History


Sunset and calm weather mean that wind and solar will never be meaningful power sources. Talk about ‘storage’ overcoming their chaotic intermittency, is just that: talk. The sum total of the world’s grid scale storage capacity for electricity is risible.

The biggest single battery in the world, sits in a sheep paddock in South Australia’s mid-North. Reefer-smoking Tesla tycoon, Elon Musk convinced South Australians to spend $150 million on a battery with a nominal capacity of 100MW, that could power the state for all of four minutes. Now that’s salesmanship!

The reality is that for the wind and solar industries to amount to anything other than subsidy sucking parasites, they’re going to need to pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat.

As Mark Mills details below, getting wind and solar to work requires a very special kind of magic. The kind that suspends physics, meteorology, economics and our good…

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