Totally Unreliable Wind & Solar: Deliver Occasional Power & Guarantee Constant Chaos


Talking about wind and solar capacity is like pointing to a giant bucket, with a whole in its bottom; what’s promised and what’s delivered never match. The consumption of electricity is a here and now kind of thing. No one cares about how many windmills and solar panels there are, only that power is delivered as and when they need it.

The image above is the combined output of every wind turbine connected to Australia’s Eastern Grid (with a capacity of 6,702 MW) during June.

A nine-year-old could tell you that what’s depicted is the archetype of weather driven chaos. And yet, there are still plenty of politicians and journalists who pretend that we’re a heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future. No country has ever run itself on wind and solar; no country ever will. The figures collected by David Bidstrup below tell the story.


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