With Wind & Solar’s Days Over, Who Cleans Up Europe’s Renewable Energy Mess?


Across Europe, investment in new wind and solar is in freefall. So far this year, the Germans installed a measly 35 of these things onshore. As their massive subsidies get cut and furious rural residents revolt, the wind and solar industries are facing their inevitable Armageddon.

The inevitable surge in power prices and grid chaos that intermittent wind and solar deliver is only part of the banquet of consequences served up by wind and solar obsessed politicians.

Europe’s manufacturers face an existential crisis as industrialists send their manufacturing to places like the United States and China, which enjoy power prices a fraction of those suffered in ‘green’ energy obsessed Europe.

The results for European economies are as catastrophic as they were predictable, as Benny Peiser details in this presentation given a short while ago. The video is followed by transcript and his presentation slides.

Incredible Shrinking Europe – Between Climate…

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