Blackout Nation: Wind Power Output Collapse Leaves Millions of Brits Totally Powerless


Proving pride comes before a fall, UK’s wind industry was crowing about delivering 47% Britain’s power one-minute and ducking for cover the next, after the collapse of output at an offshore wind farm delivered 100% chaos for businesses, households, hospital patients and commuters.

With its obsession for chaotic wind power running unabated, Brits can expect a whole lot more time spent scrambling for candles, scrambling out of pitch-black tube stations and scrambling to fire up backup diesel generators at hospitals, just to keep their patients alive.

Welcome to your wind powered future!

We’ll start the round up with SkyNews and Chris Kenny.

UK suffers ‘worst blackout in decades’ days after renewable energy boast
Sky News
Chris Kenny
12 August 2019

Britain suffered its worst blackout in a decade on Friday just days after the “green-left” media had been bragging about the UK’s renewable energy grid makeup.

Sky News host Chris…

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