Big Apple Blackouts: New Yorkers Can Thank Cuomo’s Wind Power Obsession


Add chaotically intermittent wind and solar to your grid and blackouts and load shedding follow, like night follows day. Wind and solar obsessed South Australians know the drill: Déjà Vu (All Over Again): Yet Another Wind Power Output Collapse Plunges 200,000 South Australian Homes into the Dark Ages

The unscheduled Earth Hour that hit the Big Apple last month has given New Yorkers a taste of things to come, with their renewables obsessed Governor, Andrew Cuomo hell-bent on wrecking New York’s, once perfectly reliable, power grid with a ‘transition’ to sunshine and breezes.

Not only is Cuomo obsessed with the unreliables, he’s denying gas supplies to New York and killing off their ever-reliable nuclear generation capacity.

As Robert Bryce details below, New Yorkers should brace themselves for more Big Apple Blackouts.

We’ll start with a particularly prescient article Robert penned back in 2017.

How Cuomo is ‘building’ blackouts for NYC

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