Where turbine blades go when they die and other thoughts

Why not wind power

I’m sitting here waiting for the lights to pop off again. Seems that my power company cannot keep lights on when there’s wind, sun, rain, you name it. They’re great at destroying sage grouse habitat (their latest destructive binge goes right through prime sage grouse territory. Guess I’ll have to look for grouse survivors in other areas if I want to photograph them anymore. Same for the horned lizard, Wyoming’s soon-to-be-driven out state reptile. Heck, who needs a silly bird and a worthless reptile anyway….) but you can count on the lights popping off at least four or five times a month. I guess that’s the “new normal”, right?

P081019_0940P081019_0940dThese are cell phone photos of the landfill’s latest “project”

The Natrona County Landfill was on the news trying to explain why they are burying wind turbine blades. The spokesperson said the landfill would get $675,000 for burying the giant fiberglass…

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