Wedge-Tail Wipeout: Tasmanian Wind Farms Threaten Eagle Extinction


Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle: take a look before it’s sliced to extinction.

Cars, cats and skyscrapers don’t kill Eagles, but 60 m wind turbine blades with their tips travelling at 350 Kph routinely smash them out of existence. In Australia’s designated National Park, Tasmania, its peculiar species of Wedge-Tailed Eagle is both rare and endangered.

Now it faces the existential threat of ever more and even larger giant industrial wind turbines.

Climate cultists claim to be in a rebellion against extinctions and, yet, continue to exhort us that the solution to the annihilation of species is an all wind powered future.

Well, in Tasmania it looks as if they’ll get their wish, as vast tracts of the Apple Isle get carpeted in hundreds more of these giant whirling wonders. However, those that actually give a fig about nature aren’t so happy with the idea of critically endangered species being wiped off…

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