AntiWind finds support in high places!


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It is important to spread the TRUTH about BigWind to everyone you meet. Eventually, the TRUTH will prevail…the machines are NOT green, NOT renewable, and definitely NOT free!

Supporters Greet VP Pence After Touching Down at Rickenbacker Enroute to New Manufacturing Plant in Lancaster, Ohio.Members of the SAWU (Seneca AntiWind Union), newly appointed Seneca County Commissioner Tony Paradiso, and other Seneca County residents had the opportunity to speak with Vice President Mike Pence at Rickenbacker International Airport this morning.

Vice President Pence asked about our efforts in detail while also confirming his and President Donald J. Trump‘s support in our fight. He agreed that we deserve the right to determine the best course for our community and that we need to be given more local control. After discussions he even signed our yellow SAWU T-Shirts!

#NOwindturbinesinSenecaCounty #VicePresidentPence…/supporters-greet-vp-pence-after…/…

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