Fake Environmentalists: Love Industrial Wind Turbines – Hate Humans & Nature


The Cummings: what real environmentalists look like.

The faux environmentalist is easy to spot: he loves industrial wind power and couldn’t care less about the environmental destruction it causes. Faced with the rampant slaughter of birds and bats, he initially denies the evidence and then pushes the moral equivalence button, claiming that more birds are killed by cats, cars and skyscrapers. Ignoring the fact that cats, cars and tall buildings don’t kill apex predators like Eagles, Hawks and Kites. And also ignoring the fact that cars and skyscrapers deliver benefits in the form of transport and accommodation that make modern, civil societies possible. Whereas, heavily subsidised wind power delivers nothing but chaotically intermittent electricity and rocketing power prices, as a result.

In Tasmania its rare and endangered Wedge-Tailed Eagle is already being sliced and diced by wind turbines and, with more on the way, it faces a rapid extinction…

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